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First post in a while, so I picked a favourite. One of many shots taken over the course of one evening spent on the battlements of the old Bal Samand hunting lodge wall shooting down into the lake as the sun set. 4 hours, 2 batteries and 3 memory cards exhausted, and one of the best evenings EVER.



On a mountain road in Banff, Alberta. This is a young male bighorn sheep, probably just over a year old. He was mid-graze when I started to shoot, then struck and held this pose for a few minutes before apparently deciding he’d done enough modelling for one day and wandering off.

Taken in August of 2008

On the Hunt

Great White Egrets fishing at sunset on the Bal Samand Lake in Jodhpur. The lake is man-made, part of the old ruling family’s hunting lodge, and the ruins of the buildings that used to stand in the lake bed before it was flooded are still visible here and there, like in this shot.

Taken in December 2009