swamp thing

Plastic crocodile squeaky toy, found in a hollow full of sphagnum moss at the base of a stump in Camosun Bog, Vancouver. People are typically restricted to the raised wooden walkway around the perimeter of the bog and not allowed to enter unless doing research, as I was: clearly the child whose croc this was found a way around that.



View out the window of the wing of an Etihad Airways Boeing 777, somewhere between Abu Dhabi and Toronto. I think I was mildly psychotic from sleep deprivation by this point in the flight, so I have not the faintest idea where we were. I couldn’t even narrow it down to a continent or major ocean. Taken on my trusty little Sony point-and-shoot, now at rest in that big studio in the sky. I miss that camera.

Taken in July of 2006

Japanese maple

Dedication plaque outside the Nitobe Memorial Japanese Gardens at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Autumn (still can’t quite use the word ‘fall’) colours in Vancouver are gorgeous, but there is the tiny detail of the rain, which is incessant. So you have a window of approximately a week to enjoy the colour while it’s still actually on the trees. Soon after that it turns to something halfway between mulch and very pretty mud.

Taken in October of 2007