Blue Steel

A male Yellow-spotted agama (Trapelus flavimaculatus) in full defensive display. These lizards are normally a dull brown and olive green colour, mottled in yellow and white. When cornered, or, it is thought, to display to a female, their skin turns to vividest blue, their normally pale yellow tails glow bright orange, their dewlaps unfurl and they open their mouths wide to display the bright scarlet-orange insides. This one was sunbathing by the side of a desert road and found himself cornered when he ran the wrong way to get away from me and found himself up against a heap of metal and plastic construction debris. Cue display!


liftoff, version 2.0

First post in a while, so I picked a favourite. One of many shots taken over the course of one evening spent on the battlements of the old Bal Samand hunting lodge wall shooting down into the lake as the sun set. 4 hours, 2 batteries and 3 memory cards exhausted, and one of the best evenings EVER.